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Engine Conversions & Restomods

Classic looks with modern power and handling

At Benhase, we can update any classic with modern power, function, handling and comforts. Whether you want to smoke the tires, or simply want to turn the key without messing with the choke, fly through the curves or simply handle like your modern daily driver: Just about any modern upgrade is possible on any classic vehicle. We can even install crate engines into late model vehicles. We pride ourselves in not being afraid of any challenge.

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Engine Conversions

The foundation of any restomod, installing a modern drive train in a classic is the ultimate upgrade.

The most popular engines include:

These engines each come in multiple packages ranging from 300 to 700 horsepower and up! Though it's fun to say 700 horsepower, a 430 horsepower engine is more than enough for most drivers. Depending on the vehicle and application, a properly set up 430 horsepower engine can make a 200mph vehicle.

Benefits of an engine conversion include:

Custom Frames & Rebodies

If you want to go all the way, a custom frame or even a rebody is the way to go. Essentially these are methods for upgrading every mechanical and electrical system and truly turning your classic into a state of the art thing of beauty.

Fuel Injection

Replacing the carburetor with fuel injection has multiple benefits:

Disc Brake Conversions

Power Steering

Suspension Upgrades

Options include air ride, Independent front and rear suspension and other performance components including polyurethane bushings.

12 Volt Conversion

Upgrading older 6 volt electrical systems to 12 volt provides multiple benefits:

Overdrive Transmission

Air Conditioning

We can either upgrade older, less efficient systems or even install a/c in vehicles that never had it.

Other Upgrades

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