Classic Car Restoration Cincinnati Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana


Ground-Up Restoration

A ground-up restoration is a complete restoration. First we take the car or truck completely apart. Then we make sure that all parts are in new or better than new condition. The engine and drivetrain, the brakes, suspension, fuel system, exhaust, frame and body panels... We either clean, repair/rebuild and re-paint the existing parts or order new parts.

We then re-assemble the vehicle. We may cut out rust and weld in new steel for exterior body panels after they are placed back on the frame to ensure proper fit. We then paint the vehicle. Install the drivetrain, brakes, suspension, exhaust. Apply all exterior trim, re-install the head and tail lights, hook up the wiring harness, install and test all electrical components, and install the interior.

After the car is assembled we test drive it to make sure everything is in working order. Along this process we provide regular progress updates to the customer. This can include phone calls, emailed pictures or even emailed videos -walking around the car, showing the engine running etc. After a ground-up restoration your vehicle will be in better than new condition.

Partial Restoration

A partial restoration or "rolling" restoration, is simply restoring one or more aspect of your vehicle. It can include any part of the car. Many of our customers request this sort of project. The goal of a typical rolling restoration is to take a car that has been sitting a long time and get it running and to freshen it up. This involves five main areas to work on:

  1. 1.Engine- Bring to optimal performance. Plugs, points, condensers, timing etc
  2. 2.Suspension- replace bushings and bearings- possibly springs and shocks
  3. 3.Brakes- Flush the system. Rebuild cylinders. New pads.
  4. 4.Interior- Repair or replace seats, carpet, wood trim etc as desired
  5. 5.Exterior- Remove old paint. Repair dents and dings. Possibly cut out rust and weld in new steel. New paint.
These steps will bring your car back to life. The actual project will depend on the shape of your car, how much you want to spend and your desired final outcome. A partial restoration is a good option for someone who desires a good driver but does not have to have a "brand new" car.

Resto Mod

A resto mod is taking a vintage car and updating the technology so that aside from the classic looks it operates like a modern car.

Customization & Hot Rods

We can take your vintage car and make it "correct" -exactly as it rolled out of the factory when it was first made- or we can customize it in any way you desire.

Engine Work & Rebuilds

We optimize engine performance , rebuild completely, and clean and paint the entire engine bay.

Body & Paint

We provide full body and paint restoration. Our craftsmen fully strip, remove all rust and weld in new steel and re-paint. We work with steel, aluminum and fiber-glass.


We can restore ripped upholstery, provide entire interiors -stock and custom- and we can custom fabricate wooden dashboards, trim and steering wheels.

Brakes, Electrical, Suspension, Transmissions, Fuel Systems, Cooling & Exhausts

We can restore any aspect of your vintage car.

Custom Wood Restoration & Interiors

With a history in both woodworking and car restoration we are in a unique position to restore or fabricate the highest quality wooden car parts. For more details click here.

Indoor Car Storage

Our facility is currently full.

Progress Updates

For our longer term projects we provide regular progress updates. These can include phone calls, emailed pictures of work performed or even walk around videos -walking around the car and showing what has been done.


We understand that restoring an old car is a big investment. We are willing to work with our customers to find a payment schedule that works for them. We ask for a down payment and then we bill on a two week schedule until completion of the project. We work with the customer to determine a schedule that both parties agree upon. If the customer hits a hard period we can place the car into storage at $70.00 per month until the customer gets into a better position to finish the project. We are willing to work with you. Let us know how we can help.

For a free estimate on your project click here.