We provide any and all services for classic vehicles.  We are a one-stop-shop including mechanical, electrical, metalwork, bodywork, paint and interior.

Ultimately your project and the work we do is determined by your budget.  Everyone has a different budget for their project.  You may want a complete, frame off concours, show winning restoration or you may simply want a good weekend driver.  We are a time and material shop so if you let us know your goals and your budget we will work with you to tailor your project and try our best to fulfill your goals within the budget available.

Restoration Types:

Frame off restoration

A frame off restoration typically involves:

  1. completely disassembling the vehicle
  2. if applicable, removing the body off of the frame
  3. soda blasting the body and frame to remove all paint, old filler and rust
  4. repairing all body damage including cutting out rust and welding in new steel
  5. bodyworking and painting the frame and body
  6. either repairing to new condition or finding replacements for all components and then
  7. reassembling the vehicle

Concours Restoration

A Concours restoration involves the same steps as a frame off restoration, but rather there is a much higher level of commitment to historical accuracy, ensuring that every nut and bolt, all paint and overspray, all decals etc are exactly the same as if the vehicle just rolled off of the factory floor.


A restomod is taking a classic vehicle and updating some or all mechanical components with modern technology.  Usually including a high performance LS, Coyote or Hemi drivetrain.  We can also provide most modern vehicle interior technology and creature comforts such as touch screen system, heated seats, security, back up cameras, paddle shifters etc.

Rolling Restoration

A rolling restoration is for the client that simply desires a nice weekend cruiser but does not desire a show stopper.  For these types of projects we will do a mechanical inspection and an assessment of the body and provide an estimate and services with the goal of making the vehicle mechanically sound with a nice driver quality paint job.

Paint & Body Only

If all you need is new paint we can do that too.  We provide either a high level driver quality or a show quality paint job.  Also, please keep in mind that when you request a paint job this involves much more than simply painting the vehicle.  The paint is only a very thin top layer.  The quality of a paint job is determined by what is underneath the paint.  So a paint job is more accurately described as a restoration of all of the body components.  For classic vehicles it is usually not possible to just spray the vehicle and produce a quality finish.  Classic vehicles have lots of history, previous (questionable) work, rust, poor fitting panels etc so in order to provide a quality paint finish we must also address all of these other issues.

Mechanical Only

We can perform any mechanical or electrical services needed.  Either to diagnose an issue, restore one or more mechanical systems, simply get a car up and driving or provide performance upgrades.

Interior Work

We have the ability to provide very high quality concours winning interiors, custom interiors or simply stock OEM interiors.